sign-image-collections_400Self-Pay and Debt Collections in IL

With our knowledge and experience, A. Alliance has the necessary programs and processes in place to be consistently successful in the sensitive art of debt collection.  This involves the ability to maintain a balance of effective bad debt recoveries while preserving a positive image and relationships for your business.  Here at A. Alliance, we are committed to maintaining this important balance between results and relationships.


Our proven, highly effective fundamental recovery program used to collect on delinquent accounts by implementing both automated  and manual telephone calling campaigns, written correspondences, skip tracing, credit bureau reporting, and if warranted (and approved by client) litigation.  NO COLLECTION = NO FEES


Some consumers only need a little encouragement in order to pay their delinquent accounts. Pre-Collect is a letter or series of customizable letters—under our letterhead—used to provide that encouragement and get those easy pay accounts  liquidated quickly.  It’s simple, inexpensive, and highly effective.


Collect on delinquent accounts other agencies have left uncollected.  Disregarded, these accounts leave valuable revenue uncollected.  Second – Collect showcases our proven, highly effective debt collection program. NO COLLECTION = NO FEES


After all other traditional collection programs have been exhausted, and an extensive asset and employment search is completed; A. Alliance may recommend litigation as the next step to bad debt collection.