sign-image-effectiveInsurance Claims Collection

Getting insurance companies to pay on submitted claims can be a very tedious and time consuming task. Delaying and/or denying payment is such a common occurrence in the health insurance world your precious resources—time and money—are constantly being squandered as employees chase down payments by having to review, evaluate, call and cajole the insurance companies, and then finally resubmitting the claim, hoping for better results.

A. Alliance can effectively maximize insurance claim collections by using experienced, knowledgeable Insurance Claims Collection Specialists coupled with our high-tech customizable insurance collection process.

Accelerate your revenue cycle and improve cash flow as your aging A/R balances decrease. We accomplish this by utilizing:

  • Computerized workflows and system decision logic
  • Effective computer generated work lists that prioritize accounts by characteristics, e.g. financial class, A/R balances, and/or age of account
  • Experienced, knowledgeable Insurance Claims Collection Specialists
  • Standard and customized reports

We work as an extension of our business partners, not as an outside billing and collection company, this allows us to work directly with Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance companies. With access to a client’s billing system, we can research claim disputes, rectify denials and resubmit corrected claims all while fully documenting everything in a client’s own system.